The microwave recipe for today involves making Double Chocolate Microwave Fudge.

After two, more time-intensive dishes, I wanted to kick back and make something to indulge myself with. Fudge was the perfect idea.

One interesting thing about fudge is that it is not as unhealthy as I had assumed it would be. Although the exact nutritional facts will vary depending on which ingredients are used (I snuck some marshmallows into mine), traditional fudge is low in both calories and fat content.


Four ingredients. That is all that it takes to pull of making fudge in the microwave. This not only helps you save time at the grocery store, but also in preparation and clean-up.

As a new addition, I figured I would say what kind of tools (bowls, measuring spoons etc.) that I used in making my dishes.

–       For the microwave fudge, I used a medium-sized microwavable bowl, a square Tupperware dish, a large spoon, and two measuring spoons.

Chocolate chips – $2.49

Baker’s chocolate – $3.12

Vanilla – FREE! (I used the same vanilla from the vanilla cake)

Sweetened condensed milk – $2.68

Marshmallows (optional) – $2.47

Total – $10.76

This is the cheapest recipe I have attempted so far! For right around ten dollars, you are making an easy, repeatable snack that won’t bust your gut.


The steps in the recipe involve hardly any technical cooking skills. Aside from combining all the ingredients and stirring, the hardest thing about this recipe would be folding in the vanilla and the optional additions.

For my recipe, I used mini-marshmallows as an extra addition. I found a quick guide on how to “fold in” ingredients online that really helped speed up the process.

-Folding in ingredients is used to keep air in the mixture.


I pulled the fudge out of the refrigerator after a little over an hour. The first thing I noticed was that it was still a little bit gooey. Having never made fudge before, I didn’t quite know if the softness was to be expected or not.

The finished product

As far as taste goes, it turned out well. Adding marshmallows may have made the taste a little softer, which I enjoyed.


Feasibility- A+

It’s hard to beat only four ingredients. This is something any busy college student can make. This dish is also very cost effective at only 10 dollars.

Preparation – A

Once you learn how to fold in ingredients, this recipe is just a matter of mixing everything together.

Final Product – B+

It’s hard for me to compare this dish because I don’t eat a lot of fudge usually. But as a fan of chocolate, I enjoyed it.

Also, my resident fudge-taster (my roommate Charlie) gave it two thumbs up.

Taste Test